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Haining China Leather Town
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  Set up in 1994, the Haining China Leather Town has grown into a special leather market with the largest size and greatest influence in China. It has won such honorary titles as “Nationally Civilized Market”, “Zhejiang Provincial Key Market”, “One of the 10,000 Markets Free From Fake and Shoddy Goods in 100 Cities in Zhejiang Province”, “Five-Star Civilized and Orderly Market in Zhejiang Province”, and “National AAAA Tourism Scenic Spot.”



  In 2007, it started to undertake reconstruction in order to cover the China Jeans Town, the Raw and Assisting Materials Market, the Shoes Square, the Business Complex, the Street of Food and Drink, the Electronic Games Town, the Relaxation Square, and large-sized underground parking. By the end of December 2007, the raw materials, jeans and shoes markets went into service. Construction was also completed for the name-brands showroom, business complex and integrated service buildings. The China Leather Town Hotel will be built according to five-star standard. The 28-storey highrise will include business offices, hotel rooms, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. The expanded leather town is designed to have a construction area of 450,000 square meters for more than 2,280 businesses. It is large enough to accommodate some 50,000 people a day. In 2007 its transaction volume reached 7.2 billion Yuan.