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“Ten Topping Volunteers” of Our City Were Rewarded
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  December 5th was “International Volunteers’ Day”. 2015 Haining Charity Federation Volunteers Committee held the commendation meeting that evening. Zhang Haifeng, Gao Jinbao and other 8 volunteers received the title of honour “Ten Topping Volunteers”. The first female hemopoietic stem cells donor Zhou Xinyi in our city and other persons were rewarded the title of “The Figures Inspiring the City Most”.
  At the present, the total numbers of Haining volunteers reached 5358. Among them, 511 were registered volunteers, 271 1-star volunteers, 170 2-star volunteers, 46 3-star volunteers and 14 4-star volunteers. They work and dedicate in all walks of the city. They were actively participated the activities of helping the elderly persons, rejecting high beams and be a civilized driver, fighting against the typhoon and donating for the people who had financial problems etc.
  Zhang Haifeng, one of the “Ten Topping volunteers” is a senior executive of an enterprise. In his mind, it is his responsibility to work hard and it is his life goal to help people with all his heart. The only day out of the work in a week will be the good chance to have a rest, but for him, the day will be the good chance to help people. In the every “Sunset” service and activity of “Stooping for a second and picking up the civilization”, you will see him there.