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Build Our City a City with Harmonious Ecology and a Landscape Garden with Mountains and Rivers
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  During “the 13th Five-Year Plan” period, our city will build an ecological greenway net in the city and continue to focus on greening projects of the unique landscape of Juanhu Lakeside Park and the historic and humanistic scenic spots of Dongshan, Xishan and Zanshan. At the same time, taking the digging of the waterway around the city as an opportunity, our city will accelerate the building of riverside roads in the city and the greening of Majinggang Riverside, the riverside ecologic scenic spots of the diversion works from Juanhu on the both sides of Zhejiang University International Union Institute and Biyun Road, Jiannan Avenue and other beautiful roads in the city which are the nice name cards of the city.
  After getting through the riverside greenway system, Haining will connect the natural and humanistic scenic spots in the city area and build a citywide water-net greenway system and establish a Landscape Garden with Mountains and Rivers of “Mountains in the east and west, lakes in the south and north, a cross framework, four rivers and lakes around, two mountains in the city” and show the harmonious ecologic picture of “The city in the color of green with beautiful rivers and lakes and also splendid culture” further.