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30 New High-tech Enterprises Were Increased in Our City
from:From: Haining Daily
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  Recently, the leading group of the Authentication and Management of New High-tech Enterprises in Zhejiang Province published the list of 2015 authenticated Zhejiang New High-tech Enterprises. Among them, 30 enterprises of Haining including Zhejiang Huineng Animal Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. were authenticated.
  Last year, Haining Science and Technology Bureau strengthened to guide, support and serve for the new high-tech enterprises starting with investigation, policy promotion, training instruction, supervision and check. And it held the training courses for citywide new high-tech enterprises authentication (reexamination).
  Our city has an accumulated number of 109 of new high-tech enterprises up to now, and they are mainly distributed in two pillar industries of leather, warp knitting and other five new industries of mechanized equipment, electronic information, solar utilization, packages printing and au-to parts. They have become the new economic growth points of our city and they have also promoted the enhancement of the enterprises’ capability of independent innovation.