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Pollution Sources Were Strictly Controlled and Parks Were Built on The Riverside (With a picture)
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Lijia Streamlet, Xingcheng Village (Photographer: Yang Pingping)


  “Look at the water, it is so clear. The greenbelts on the banks are nice and there is a park on the riverside. Our life is much more convenient and cozier.” Recently, the reporter came to Xingcheng Village of Chang’an Town. The villagers expressed that Lijia Streamlet is the most beautiful creek now in the village after the improvement.
  Lijia Streamlet is 570 meters long and it goes from west to east. Standing on the riverside, the reporter noticed that on the both banks of the creek there were white ecological bank protectors and they were dotted with the green vegetation. The water was clean. On the riverside, there was also a nice park with healthy footpaths and all kinds of health-care facilities. The antique flavored pavilion added more beauty to the park.
  “There were poultry farms near the river and the pollutant was discharged directly to the river. Meanwhile, there was a chemical factory near the bank. So the water in the river was seriously polluted.” Wang Jianfei, the member of the Party Committee of Xingcheng Village said that Lijia Streamlet was started to be controlled since 2015. Firstly, they negotiated with the poultry farmers and the enterprise and they dismantled the farms and the chemical factory. Then they did the river desilting.
  Wang Jianfei said that after the first-stage management, they built the ecological bank protectors, the green belts on the banks and a park for villagers’ amusement and recreation.
  “And for long-last cleaning, we have got the river cleaners to inspect everyday and solve the problems immediately. And for me myself, as the chief of the river, I check the river on the ways to go to work and go home. We will prevent it from be polluted again.” said Wang Jianfei.