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Citywide Education Working Conference: Promote Level of Modernization in Education
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  On the 30th of January, the Citywide Education Working Conference and Updating Meeting of Building a Modern County (City) in Education was held in our city. The leaders Yao Jianxin, Zhu Xianghua, Zhu Haiying and Tian Yun attended the meeting.
  Our city will speed up Educational projects and plan to invest 22.059 billion on the projects. The project of newly built Wenyuan Primary School, the reconstruction project of the Experimental Primary School and other 6 continued projects will be finished within the year and be put in use. The reconstruction project of the First Middle School, the project of building a new Experimental Kindergarten (Central Kindergarten) in a different place and other 5 newly-built projects will be started within the year; Our city will promote the holistic inner quality of the teachers and enhance teachers’ teaching ability rely on high-quality resources; And our city will take further steps to deepen the cooperation between the university and the local school and take run Haining Senior High School Affiliated to East China Normal University well as the priority project.
  The meeting put it very clear that,our city would take the good opportunity, remedy the short slab, promote the transformation, enhance the quality and promote the level of modernization of education in all aspects during the period of “the 13th Five-Year Plan”. And our city would work hard to meet the needs of being the First Modern Counties (Cities) in Education of Zhejiang Province. Our city would also build 3 “Creative Laboratories” and 3 “Innovation Laboratories” in the secondary vocational schools in our city; High-quality kindergarten cover rate would reach 40 percent, the compulsory education standard middle schools and primary schools would go beyond 95 percent, and the regular senior high school would all meet the standards of characteristic model senior high schools; reform the policies of entering the schools and strengthen different guarantees; carry out in a deep-going way on the project of training “famous teachers and head teachers” and also outstanding backbone teachers in all kinds of ways.