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The Beautiful Scenery of Changchun Village Attracted the Visitors from Different Places
The Visitors: We envy the people who live here
from:From: Haining Daily
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  The weather is fine during the vocation of Spring Festival, if you go for a walk in Changchun Village of Zhouwangmiao Town and go around the footpaths, the riverside and the pavilions in the village, you will find that many visitors come here and enjoy their time here.
  The father carries the baby on his shoulders and the mother walks behind them with packages of gifts in her hands with the coats on her arms which are taken off because of the warm weather. And there are groups of middle-aged people come to the village to feel the original taste and flavor of the rural fun.
  “I was born and raised in the countryside, it bring me a lot of memories when I come here.” Mr. Wang who comes here from the downtown has the love knot with the beauty in rural area, “The pictures on the walls are nice. It is wonderful and vivid to broadcast the civilized customs with watercolor paintings.”
  The pavilion, bridges, rivers and the village houses under the blue sky are becoming the scenery in the region of rivers and lakes. The plum blossoms in the yard are about to bloom in the warm wind and the quiet village is full of vitalities.
  If you step in Changchuan Village from the east, you will not be willing to leave since you step on the walking path near the river bank. The elders in the village will tell the visitors, “There were the Peace Pavilion and The Peace Nunnery since a long time ago. And they were rebuilt now. They look nicer and they remind us the good memories.”
  Walking from Banqiaotou to Shuixinli along the footpath, the path made of red wooden boards goes into the woods. Walking by the riverside, there are many fishermen fishing. If you feel tired, you can find a stool to sit down and have a rest.
  Many of the visitors are coming here for paying their relatives and friends a New Year visit. When they go around the village, they can’t help to be amazed by the changes have made here, “It is much more than before. There are many beautiful places here. We envy the people who live here everyday.”