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Three Works from Our City Won Provincial Yingshanhong Prize
from:From: Haining Daily
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  A few days ago, the reporter learned from Hainng Federation of Literary and Art that the three works of three artist of our city won the provincial Yingshanhong Prize.
  It was introduced that the three works which won the prizes were “ The Pavilion Lantern of Wealth and Rank” by Hu Jinlong, the collective works “The Promises under the Apple Tree” by Yang Weihua and “The stories about the Names of the Places in Haining” written and created by Tong Chengdong.
  Yingshanhong Prize is the highest prize of Zhejiang Provincial Folk Artist which issued by Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Zhejiang Folk Artists Association and it is a provincial prize which is corresponding to China Folk Literary and Art Shanhua Prize.