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Our City Won the Provincial Highest Water Governance Prize “Dayu Vessel” (With a picture)
All People Took Part in Governing Water Brought Back the Clear and Clean Water
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The Volunteers put the thousands of fish fries into Luotang River. (From Source pictures)


  In the downtown, the 13-km-long river banks of Luotang River have been a good place for the citizens to enjoy their leisure time; and in the rural area, many villagers say that “there is a beautiful river in front of my house.” … In the last year, our city carried forward the project of “Five Water Governance” and the quality of the water has greatly enhanced in our city.
  Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government held the provincial “Five Water Governance” working video conference yesterday. Our city was rewarded the highest prize relying on the water governance performance –“Five Water Governance” Outstanding Counties (Cities, Districts) of Zhejiang Province “Dayu Vessel”.
  “The prize of ‘Dayu Vessel’ is an overall and comprehensive assessment over the work of ‘Five Water Governance’, and there can’t be any weaknesses in any aspects.” Mi Xiaoming, the deputy managing director of “Five Water Governance” Office spoke of the honor of rewarding with “Dayu Vessel”, he said, “Clean the rivers, sanitary sewage disposal, water quality enhancement … each of the works should be done with all hearts and strengths.”
  In the year of 2014 and 2015, our city was rewarded as the provincial outstanding city on the work of sanitary sewage disposal in rural area and became the standard city of “Clean the rivers” in the year of 2015. Our city promoted the water environment and the water quality assessment was changed from “qualified” in the year of 2013 to “outstanding”. Grade V water is almost unseen in our city and Grade IV water has been the mainly water grade in our city.