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The Serials of Voluntary Activities Added More Sceneries to Huanwan Town
from:From: Haining Daily
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  In the last few days, the volunteers of Huangwan Town (Jianshan New District) carried out serials of civilization proposal activities.
  It was introduced that the volunteers organized and carried out 16 activities in five serials in the theme of “Voluntary ▪ Beauty” which were the serial of cleaning, the serial of civilization, the serial of service, the serial of warm hearts and the serial of beauty since “Pay Respects to Lei Feng Be the Pioneer, Commonweal Carnival” and “Kuantang Commonweal Town” was set up and started. They persuaded the citizens to obey the traffic rules and afforded the services for the convenience of the masses, publicized beautiful villages and became the beautiful scenery of Huanwan Town (Jianshan New District).