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The Water in the Four Rivers of Chang’an Was Firstly Tested as Grade II Water (With a picture)
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Meijiabang River in Taishan Village (Photographer: Chen Zhuorong)


  Recently, the water quality test showed that the water from Jiyuanqiaogang River and Meijiabang River reached the standard of Grade II water. When Yao Qiang, the Party General Branch committee of Taishan Village,Chang’an Town (New & High-Tech District) who takes charge of the health work heard the news, he expressed that, “It is really out of my expectation, but I can also say it is exactly what we expected.” We made much of the efforts to carry out the policies of “Five Water Governance”. Now all the water in the rivers of the village can reach the standards of Grade III water.”
  On December 30th and December 31st, Chang’an Town (New & High-Tech District) entrusted Zhejiang Spectrum Detection Science and Technology Co. Ltd. test the water quality of all the 214 rivers within the Town (District), and the water of 11 rivers among them was not be collected because of removal or construction etc.
  The result of the detection was a surprise. The water in Meijiabang River and Jiyuanqiaogang River in Taishan Village, Shenjiabang River, Xiucaiqiaogang River in Dongsheng Village reached the standards of Grade II water. And the water in other sixty rivers reached the standards of Grade III water. Grade II and Grade III water reached nearly 32 percent.
  Jiyuanqiaogang River of Taishan Village was listed as “Three Rivers” in 2013. Yao Qiang told the reporter that Jiyuanqiaogang River was long, there were many villagers lived near the banks of it before 2013. And there were 7 households who raised pigs and 3 of them raised above 400 pigs a year. The domestic rubbish and the sewage were all discharged into the river, the construction waste was abandoned anywhere, all these made the river dirty and disorderly.
  How the water of the rivers changed then? Yao Qiang said that after the starting of “Five Water Governance”, the situation changed a lot. And pigs raised farms were closed and the drainages to the river were plugged made great efforts to it. In 2013, all the pigs-raised farmers were closes and all the drainages to the river were plugged.
  The sources of pollution were cut off and the quality of the water in Jiyuanqiaogang River was getting better and better. At the beginning of last year, Jiyuanqiaogang River was out of the queue of “The Water Worse than Five Grades Water”. Now, the committee of the village put the stress strengthening continuously on the sanitation works and emphasized on permanent management. In the three tests in last March, September and December, the water quality of the water in Jiyuanqiaogang River was changed from Grade V to Grade III, and then to Grade II.
  Jiyuanqiaogang River was a branch of Taishangang River, so it was started from this February that the river was cleaned out, and the ecological bank protections were made. It helped to enhance the quality of the water and afford the clean water resource for the projects.
  Recently, 63-year-old Yang Sogyin went for a walk and he stopped at the construction site near Jiyuanqiaogang River. “I have lived here in Taishan Village for more than 30 years. I saw the river turned dirty from clean and now it turned clean again.” He said that the river was full of domestic rubbish and the water in the river was feculent, people weren’t willing to walk near the river. It changed a lot these years. Some people started fishing in the river. He liked to go for a walk on the bank of the river with his family and enjoy the leisure and the comfort of the countryside.