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Fire Extinguishers “Entered” Residents’ Homes
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  In the afternoon of the day before yesterday, the reporter visited some households in Shengli Community of Haichang Subdistrict with the civilian police to check the usage of the fire extinguishers in the households.
  In Zhu Liangzhen’s home which located in Shuangfeng Neighborhood, Shengli Community, they lived on the fourth and the fifth floor and had the first to the third floors for rent. Four fire extinguishers were equipped in their house.
  In Shen Jianzhong’s home which also located in the same neighborhood was equipped with two fire extinguishers. “My family and I live here. The house is full of furniture and other objects. The fire extinguishers are truly needed here in the house. They afford the assurance of safety for the family and also they can help the neighbors if needed,” Shen Jianzhong said.
  In the middle third of this March, the staff of the subdistrict encouraged the households to put some fire extinguishers in the house when they were doing the fire safety checking, Shen Jianzhong took part in it immediately.
  It was introduced that since last year, Haichang Subdistrict and Haichang Police Station took Shengli Community, Xiaxi Community and Xinwang Estate of Changshan Village as experimental unit and started to carry out the program of fire safety “Household Registration Management”. They investigated the households in the districts, got to know the information of the households and the information of the renting and figured out the numbers of the fire extinguishers each household would need.
  According to the statistics, about 25 thousand fire extinguishers were needed in the districts. At the present, four thousand fire extinguishers “had lived” in the homes of the households. In the coming period, the related departments would enhance the residents’ awareness of fire safety through kinds of programs.