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Our City Will Carry Forward the Construction of Characteristic Towns
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  Yesterday, our city held the on-the-spot meeting of the construction of characteristic towns. The participants had the field investigation on the construction of Yuanhua Sunshine Town. They exchanged their ideas on the construction of characteristic towns and the works for the next steps of the construction were arranged during the meeting.
  Last year, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government started the program of the construction of characteristic towns. Our city took it as an opportunity and quickened the speed of the construction. The echelon formation of fostering system was set up. Leather Fashion Town was listed in provincial characteristic towns; Factory Shops Town and The Lingering Charm of the Tidal Bores Town were listed in the fostering provincial characteristic towns.
  It was made clear that planning of the characteristic towns and establishing them would be the great strategic opportunity for our city’s transformation development and innovative development. The governments at all levels and all departments should take the opportunity and carry out it with all strength; they should also look for the gap and the problems and move forward to make up the short slabs of the construction of characteristic towns; they also should focus on the construction of characteristic towns and take it for the priority as the main battlefield of “The breakthrough point of inviting investment and choosing high-quality investment, the speeding up of the transformation services”, make the high-level plans for the development of the towns and make the high-quality promotions of the industries of the town, carry forward the construction of the town efficiently, show the high-level image of the towns and bring forth the new mechanism for the towns.
  The leaders Yao Minzhong and Huang Honghong attended the meeting.