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Zheng Jiwei, the Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province Came to Our City to Investigate and Survey the Educational, Cultural and Sanitary Works
Deepen the Reformation and Let the Masses Benefit from It
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  Yesterday afternoon, the vice governor of Zhejiang Province Zheng Jiwei came to our city to investigate and survey the educational, cultural and sanitary works. The deputy mayor of Jiaxing Chai Yongqiang, the leaders of our city Dai Feng, Xu Jinfu, Zhu Haiying and Hu Yanzi joined and accompanied.
  In the afternoon, Zheng Jiwei and his group went to Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Oriental Institute in Chang’an Town (High & New-Tech District). Oriental Institute was the first university which entered our city, in the last five years, the institute had set up the subjects that were seamlessly connected with Haining’s local pillar industries and had brought the brand new opportunities for the development of the local economy. On the training base of the institute, Zheng Jiwei thought highly of the creative way of education when he saw the students were “working” in the mimetic companies and financial institutions and transformed the knowledge learnt from classes into the practical skills.
  Then, Zhe Jiwei visited the dam and the floodgates of Chang’an Town (High & New-Tech District). He learned about the historical culture of The Grand Canal (Chang’an Floodgate) through the annular projection simulation and movies in the heritage exhibition hall, and then, he and his companies walked along the canal to visit the old dam of Chang’an and the ancient buildings near the canal.
  In Dingqiao Town, Zheng Jiwei went to the Culture Center of the town, the central primary school, the health center and the beautiful village construction site to investigate and survey. In the culture center, he praised when he learned about the masses could have the chances to enjoy kinds of cultural activities and suggested to try more creations in public culture to produce more cultural products to meet the needs of the masses. He took part into the cloud classroom of Dingqiao Primary School, when he saw that the students were studying with their Ipads, Zheng Jiwei appreciated the education mode of “Internet+”. In Dingqiao Health Center, he inquired about the details when he heard that the masses in the town could have the high-quality medical services because of the policies of hierarchic diagnosis and treat and the city-level medical treatment resources sharing and he made the requirements of deepen the reformation and have the masses benefit from it.
  The white farm houses, the clear ponds, the clean streets, the vegetable gardens and the green belts are becoming the sceneries of the countryside … When Zheng Jiwei stepped into Xincang Village of Dingqiao Town he said that “It’s really rare to see such a clean village”. When he heard the introduction of the construction plans of the beautiful village, he thought of highly of it and also he pointed out that Xincang Village should learn and keep study of building an unique beautiful village and bring the development on village tourism industry.