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The Selecting Results of Top 10 Agents of Agricultural Productions Came Out
from:Haining Daily
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  Recently, the selecting result of the 3rd Top 10 Agents of Agricultural Productions was announced.
  Recommended by the Farmer Cooperative Economy Organization Federation of the towns (neighborhoods), preliminary assessed by the experts, voted through WeChat public platform, evaluated by the panel of judges and then the procedure of publicity on Haining Daily, the general manager of Haining Yisi Gardening Limited Company-Yu Wei and other nine persons were elected as the 3rd “Haining Bank of Agriculture and Commerce Cup” Top Ten Agents of Agricultural Products of Our City. And Ten Outstanding Agents of Agricultural Products were elected too. The evaluation covered the industries of flowers and plants cultivation, seedling cultivation, vegetable cultivation, fruits planting, poultry industry, aquaculture and edible fungi cultivation.
  According to the statistics, the turnover of the companies of these 20 young agents reached 1.17 billion. And the turnover of each of the 3 companies among them was more than 100 million. They led 11,406 peasant households and helped them increase income of 98.96 million and created 2746 job opportunities directly and nearly ten thousand job opportunities indirectly.