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360 Construction Sites “Were Diagnosed” on Dust Controlling Measures
from:Haining Daily
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  Were the key measures of establishing the city of civilized constructions executed properly? Were the requirements of dust controlling on the construction spots met? Recently, our city had a joint inspection of establishing the city of civilized constructions and dust controlling measures. The Bureau of Housing and Urban, the Joint-establishing Office and “Five Kinds of Air Pollution Controlling Office” inspected mainly on the construction spots inside Xiashi Neighborhoods and Haizhou Neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the other towns (neighborhoods) should do the self-inspection by themselves.
  “We installed the spraying devices on all the main passes, shortcuts and in the areas near the scaffolds. We operated them according to the situation and it reduced the dust efficiently.” In the afternoon of the day, when the reporter and the inspection team came to the construction site of Wanchengyinxiang which located in the south of the city, he saw the scene of the working spraying devices on the passes. It was a busy scene of construction, but there was no obvious dust on the construction site.
  The reporter learned that this construction site aimed on establishing Provincial Secure and Civilized Standard Construction Site and Provincial Green Construction Demonstration Project, so they strengthened on putting more of the equipments into use which the civilized construction needed. The equipments of spraying devices, dust controlling and aforestation were all on deck. The reporter saw that the hod for mixing the concrete was also green-tagged-the hoh was surrounded by the shields, only the small entrance was showed and so that it would not spray the dust when it started to work.
  On the day, the inspection team also went to the construction sites of Jintai City, the 2nd stage of Jiannanshijia Estate, Baiyuefu Estate and Jiabei Mansion to supervise and urge the construction units rectify and reform the existing problems. The inspector told the reporter that for reducing the dust, the construction units were required to set the standard cleaning tank at the entrance with the person in charge of it; For protecting the water environment, the construction should carry on the policies of distribution of rain and sewage and net emissions, or send the sewage with the pump or tank cars into the sewage pipe networks regularly; Spaying water and dust reducing measures should be done when the buildings and structures were demolished, and the castoffs should be cleaned up before the deadline.
  For affirming the effect of self-inspection, the Bureau of Housing and Urban would join other related functional departments and do the spot check on some of the towns (neighborhoods).
  The inspection team would send the within a time notice or the shutdown and rectify notice to the enterprises which the construction sites were “dirty, disorderly and bad” or lack of dust controlling measures during the inspection and the spot check. And the persons chiefly in charge of the enterprises would be interviewed and questioned.
  During the next stage, the inspection team would check again on some of the projects according to the enterprises’ rectification effects and their replies. And then the inspection team would give administrative penalty to those enterprises which paid less attention to it and which did not rectify it efficiently.
  The reporter learned that there were more than 360 construction sites in our city at the present, the area of structure reached 10156 thousand square meters. Since this year, the Bureau of Housing and Urban of our city set the aims of “Improving weak areas, establishing high lights, creating good brands” and made “Specific Rectification Measures on Civilized Construction of Pile Foundation Projects” and “2017 Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Kernels in Constructions of Haining”. The first joint conference of civilized constructions of 2017 was held on February 22nd. The persons chiefly in charge of 11 construction enterprises took part in the forum on February 24th. And the key tasks of civilized construction of this year of our city were deployed.
  “The set of the measures and strictly inspections are aimed to set the long-effect management mechanism, to pay more attention to civilized construction ideas of neat and tidy, green and dust-controlled constructions, to push forward establishing the nation-wide civilized city,” the related person in charge of the Bureau of Housing and Urban of our city said.