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People's Life
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  Haining is blessed with a beautiful urban and rural environment and because of this, it is rated as the National Eco-Environment Model City in China. In 2007, the downtown area totaling 27.6 square km had a forest coverage rate of 41.2 percent, averaging 10.28 square meters per person. The projects undertaken to build more “well-off examples”, improve work on 100 villages and build up environment-friendly homeland proceed smoothly. Thus far, there are two towns which have been rated as “national level towns with beautiful environment” and eight others rated as “provincial-level environment-friendly towns”.




  People’s life has been improved continuously. By the end of 2007, the per-capita dispensable income was 20,653 Yuan for urban residents and 10,200 Yuan for rural residents, and the per-capita housing construction area was 34.61 square meters for urban residents and 65.1 square meters for rural residents. The Engel Coefficient for urban residents was 34.6 percent compared to 35.2 percent for rural residents. The registered unemployment rate in the urban area was 3.5 percent. A total of 161,000 workers participate in the old-age insurance schemes, and 169,000 persons have medical care insurance, a participation rate of 94.8 percent. In the city, any elderly person aged over 70 can receive 60 Yuan every month, rising to 100 Yuan for anyone over 100.