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Social Undertakings
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  Haining is one of the “National Advanced Counties (Cities) of Science and Technology” and among the “Pilot Counties (Cities) of Technical Innovation” in Zhejiang Province. The city contains the first county (city)-level post-doctoral base for scientific and technical development in China. There are two national-level characteristic industrial bases: National Torch Plan Soft Magnetic Material High-Tech Characteristic Industrial Base and National Torch Plan Textile New Materials Characteristic Industrial Base. In 2007, there were 16 national-level high-tech enterprises and 13 provincial-level enterprises. The number of scientific and technical enterprises reached 175. There are 58,387 technical workers in the city. The number of patent applications reached 721 by the end of 2007, and the number of certificated and registered technical contracts totaled 170 with a contract volume of 82.89 million Yuan.




  Haining is one of the Nationally Advanced Counties (Cities) in terms of education and the Top City in terms of education in Zhejiang Province. By the end of 2007, there were 45 schools of various kinds in the city, with the enrollment rate of compulsory education standing at 99.99 percent; 96.77 percent of graduates from junior high schools pass entrance examinations for study in senior high schools. In the rural areas, 98,400 people have received various cultural and technical training. The Dongfang College of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics is based in Haining. Jiaxing leads the city in terms of the success rate in university and college entrance examinations.


  Haining is one of the Nationally Advanced Counties (Cities) in terms of rural primary hygiene. By the end of 2007, there were 26 hospitals and clinics in the city, with 1,918 hospital beds, and 2,661 medical workers including 1,119 licensed doctors and assistant-doctors and 765 licensed nurses. The residents’ participation rate in insurance schemes is now 94.79 percent. All the rural villages are up to the rural sanitation standards.



  Haining is one of the National Culturally Advanced Counties (Cities) and the National Advanced Counties (Cities) in terms of sports. In 2002, it was named “Hometown of China’s Folk Art” by the Ministry of Culture. Haining’s leather-silhouette show and Xiashi colored lanterns have been listed among the first group of intangible cultural heritages of China, and Xiashi colored lanterns are listed as successful examples of efforts to protect traditional festivals (lantern festival) in Zhejiang Province. Various cultural and sports installations have been built up, such as sports centers, museums, cultural centers, painting and calligraphy academies, art research centers, a public library which boasts 368,600 volumes, and 18 civil gymnastic sites. A total of 228 village-level cultural centers have been built up. The radio and TV coverage rate is 100 percent.