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Modern Agriculture
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Haining has 21,200 hectares of cultivated land, and boasts 318,000 rural labor, including 73,700 farmers. Over the past decades, Haining attached equal importance to production of cereals and economic crops, as well as cultivation and domestic animal breeding. Its traditional farm produce which commands enormous market at home expand to include Haining mulberry sapling, Xieqiao preserved pickles, Xiaohu sheep skin and muscle-type pork.

 Recent years have seen Haining uphold the market-oriented economy, speed up the adjustment of the agricultural structure, and energetically develop productive eco-farming. The agricultural development strategy known as “334” was carried out to the letter. As a result, three green ecological sectors(flowers, seedling trees and high-quality fruits) develop apace; three breeding sectors (special aquatic products, Huyang sheep and lean-producing chickens) develop vigorously; and four traditional sectors (cereals, mulberry, pigs and vegetables) have all be updated. The project to set up well-to-do models and strengthen management over 100 villages make fruitful results, alongside with progress made to undertake the projects of building ecological homeland, cultivating fine seeds, and build up the farms. Meantime, successful efforts are made to speed up agricultural standardization and popularizing the pollution-free production technology. Key farming enterprises, farmers’ coops and farm produce market system grow constantly. In 2007, Haining’s total agricultural output value reached 2.5 billion Yuan.