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Prospects and Goals
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  Goal for future: Build itself into a modern city developed in industry and commerce in Hangzhou Bay, a famous tourist city in the Yangtze River Delta, and a city good for starting new businesses in the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou area. 


  Major goals during the 11th Five-Year Plan:

  1. Its comprehensive strength will be enhanced to a new stage. The regional output value will increase by an average of 13 percent per year and local financial revenue by an average 14 percent per year, and the figure will be doubled by 2010 compared to the end of the 10th Five-Year Plan in 2005; fixed asset investment will continue to increase by an average 12 percent per year; independent innovative strength will gradually be enhanced, the economic growth mode will undergo great changes, and the comprehensive energy-consumption per unit of regional output value will decrease by 15 percent; the industrial structure will become more reasonable, and the proportion held by the tertiary industry will be more than 35 percent; special industries will have more distinctive advantages, and the proportion held by high-tech sectors will increase greatly.

  2. New advantages will be created in system, mechanism and opening up. The reform and opening-up will be promoted further, the level of market-oriented and internationalized market will be enhanced greatly, the system of socialist market-oriented economy will be improved, and the all-around opening structure with broad fields and multiple levels basically will come into being. The transformation of governmental functions will be promoted steadily, the social management system will be improved continuously, new business start-ups will be promoted more than ever in urban and rural areas, and the role of market will be brought fully into full play in resource allocation.

  3. New achievements will be made in urbanization and integration of urban and rural areas. The overall arrangement of urban and rural areas will be made more reasonable, the process of urbanization will be accelerated, the downtown area will have a more distinctive role in collection and radiation, and the level of urbanization will reach about 65 percent. An improved and convenient infrastructure network and sharing system of social installations will be established covering all the urban and rural areas. The construction of new socialist villages will record distinctive achievements. The gap between urban and rural areas will decrease continuously. A new structure mutually-complementary in advantages and harmonious development between urban and rural areas will come into being.

  4. The level of civilization will be enhanced. The attractions of tidal waves, lanterns and celebrities will be further exploited. The Haining spirit characteristic of “devotion and dedication, and making rapid progress” will be further carried forward. A modern civil education system, regional science and culture innovation system and urban and rural medical care service system will be further improved. Morality, science and civilization and health will be further enhanced. The construction of a civilized city will make new progress.

  5. The level and quality of people’s lives will be improved. Migrants from other places will enter the city in an orderly way. The total population of the city will reach around 1 million. The large social insurance system with overall consideration of both urban and rural areas basically will come into being. The registered unemployment rate in urban areas will be kept within 4.5 percent. The income of urban and rural residents will keep increasing steadily. The per-capita disposable income for urban residents and per-capita net income of rural residents will keep increasing by at least eight percent a year. The production and living conditions for urban and rural residents will be improved greatly and their living quality will be enhanced universally.

  6. The construction of a harmonious society will reveal new aspects. The process of administrating the city according to law will be promoted. The socialist political civilization will be further developed. Grass-root democracy will be enhanced further. The legal system will be improved continuously. Society is in good order and people live and work in peace and contentment. Importance is attached to social fairness. All the rights and interests of urban and rural residents will be further respected and safeguarded. Ecological protection and management of the environment will achieve distinctive effects. The environmental pollution and the trend of ecological deterioration in some places will be controlled effectively. The water environment will be improved distinctively. And a sustainable safeguard system for ecological environment construction and an accelerating system for a recycling economy basically will be established.